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  • 16 Jan, 2014
What is The Veranda Project?

The Veranda Project is a Ukrainian-American publishing house, founded on the first day of the year 2014 by Cora Schwartz (USA) and Iryna Vikyrchak (Ukraine).

At this time, when such critical events are taking place in Ukraine, and the world is drawn to Euromaidan, it is time for us to announce, loud and clear that the Veranda Project is here!

This is a non-commercial project whose aim is to promote both contemporary Ukrainian writers in the United States as well as American writers in Ukraine. We at The Veranda Project believe that building a literary bridge between two countries lends itself to understanding and tolerance. To this end, we publish books, short stories and poetry in both Ukrainian and English. Our bi-lingual, on-line forum will be designed to establish dialogue and advertisement between the writers and readers of these two countries.

Our mission might sound ambitious, but we are developing realistic, no-hurry plans. The Veranda Project is our passion. We already see that we will get much satisfaction and joy in our creation.
Cora Schwartz   – an American writer, presently working on her new book about the famous nationalist and feminist, Ol’ha Kobylanska. Cora is also the owner of a writers’ retreat in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. The retreat was founded in the spirit of Ol’ha and Bukovyna at the beginning of the twentieth century.   Iryna Vikyrchak   – a Ukrainian cultural manager, author of poetry books, organizer of literature festivals and events (formerly of Meridian Czernowitz). Iryna is now working on the translation of Rose Auslaender’s poetry written in English and on the Ukrainian-Polish literature project in Warsaw.

The word ‘veranda’ came to us as though sent from some ‘divine authority’. As we searched for a name, it suddenly appeared in letters from old friends, slipped off the tongues of dear people close to us and was even the name of the street where Iryna was visiting recently. It is international and can be understood by those of both our target languages. Moreover, the veranda was a favorite place in Olga Kobylianska’s house. She did her writing there and thus we dedicate the Veranda Project to her. Traditionally, it is on the veranda that like-minded friends and visitors gather in the afternoon for conversation, rest, a cup of tea and an exchange of thoughts.

UC Family Magazine

By UC Family Magazine 20 Sep, 2017
Tickets $50 Bookstore "Bukva" 416-236-5890
By UC Family Magazine 20 Sep, 2017
З цією авторитетною людиною і зустрівся кореспондент "Цензор.НЕТ". І хоча на деяких етапах інтерв’ю ми зачіпали досить гострі питання, пан Ващук незмінно залишався тактовним і стриманим, а його відповіді – влучними і аргументованими.
By UC Family Magazine 20 Sep, 2017
Ласкаво запрошуємо шанувальників мистецтва на відкриття осіннього сезону!
10 - 24 вересня, 2017р.
мають шану представляти Заслуженого Діяча Мистецтв України, Oксану Андрущенко (Львів, Україна) з персональною виставкою "МАГІЯ СИМВОЛУ". (Малярство, графіка).
ОФІЦІЙНЕ ВІДКРИТТЯ: неділя, 10 вересня, 2017р. в 2 год п.п.
В приміщенні ҐАЛЕРІЇ КУМФ,
145 EVANS AVE., SUITE 101, TORONTO, ON 416-766-6802
Gallery hours: Thurs. to Fri. 1-6, Sat. & Sun. 1-5

Dear art lovers, you are cordially invited to the opening of Autumn season!
September 10 - 24, 2017
THE UKRAINIAN CANADIAN ART FOUNDATION / KUMF GALLERY present artist Oksana Andrushchenko (Lviv, Ukraine) with her solo exhibition "THE MAGIC OF SYMBOLS". (Paintings, graphics).
OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, September 10, 2017, at 2 pm.
145 EVANS AVE., SUITE 101, TORONTO, ON 416-766-6802
Gallery hours: Thurs. to Fri. 1-6, Sat. & Sun. 1-5
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